Brilliant Minds Speaking

  • Tom Lawton

    Tom Lawton

    Designer, Inventor & Start-up Founder

    Tom Lawton doesn’t know how to give up.

    As a designer, inventor and start-up founder, Tom’s career has been peppered with success and failure in equal measure, but his enthusiasm for design is relentless, as his desire to make a difference.

    An ebullient Brit, his imaginative ideas are sparked by experience and keen observation. His work, recognized for excellence by Green Dot Awards, 100% Design London and Thinking Digital Startup Competition among others, includes WakeYoo, the recordable alarm clock (because we all have more imagination than a beep); the award-winning Firewinder wind-powered light; and BubblePix 360° panoramic imaging devices, because the world isn’t flat.

    Tom has appeared on numerous design-related television shows including serving as a judge on the BBC’s My Genius Idea. He recently finished filming his first prime time TV series for Channel 4 Factual Entertainment, a show that follows Tom as he looks at the world through the eyes of his six year old son Barney and attempts to reinvent the way we live. Sounds ambitious? It is. Tom says he now knows exactly what it’s like to jump off a cliff and build a hand glider on the way down.

    Tom believes that life is what you make it and that finding the right motivation is the key to unlocking your potential. If, as Winston Churchill said, the measure of success is in maintaining enthusiasm through failure, then Tom is swinging from the top of the tree.

  • Alex Asseily

    Alex Asseily

    Chairman & Co-Founder, State

    Alexander Asseily is the founder and Executive Chairman of London start-up State (state.com). State is an opinion network for the world: a kind of global town square, where people can connect to each other through what they think, rather than who they know.

    Prior to State, Alexander was the founding CEO of Jawbone, the largest venture capital-backed consumer electronics company in the world, where he currently maintains the role of Chairman. Jawbone is the industry leader in mobile lifestyle products including the award winning ICON wireless headsets, JAMBOX speakers, and UP wellness solutions.

    Alexander grew-up in Beirut and London before receiving his BSc & MSc in Engineering Design at Stanford University. He advises a number of startup technology companies and charitable organizations in the US and Europe.

  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Designswarm

    Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Designswarm

    Interaction Designer, Product Designer & Entrepreneur

    Alexandra is an interaction designer, product designer, entrepreneur & international speaker based in London.

    She was named 2nd in Top 100 Internet of Things Thought Leaders (Onalytica, 2014) and is in the 2014 Top 100 Influential Tech Women on Twitter (Business Insider).

    Since 2006, she has built consumer-facing internet of things products, services and communities for clients such as BBC R&D, Nokia, British Gas, EDF, British Telecom.

    She is the founder of the Good Night Lamp, a family of internet-connected lamps for your global friends and family.

    She is the co-founder of IOTAngels, a UK based angel network focused on internet of things investments. She is co-editor of Connected, a quarterly publication on the internet of things.

    She has been running the London Internet of Things meetup for Xively since 2011. It is the largest meetup in the world dedicated to this topic.

    She was co-founder and CEO of Tinker London, the first distributor of the Arduino platform in the UK that ran workshops around the world and offered design and consultancy services to global clients. She was also a partner at RIG London.

    Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum and galleries around the world.

    She has a B.A.Sc. in industrial design from the Université de Montréal and an M.A. in Interaction Design from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

  • Andrew Schoben

    Andrew Schoben

    Founder, Greyworld

    Andrew Shoben is the founder of greyworld, a world renowned artists' collective who create art in public spaces. Primarily, greyworld's work is about play, and allowing some form of creative expression in areas of the city where there is usually none.

    greyworld has created works in some hugely coveted locations across the world, and they now have permanent installations in fourteen countries. In 2004 he launched The Source, a permanent installation for the London Stock Exchange which was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and was watched by millions everyday on television around the world.

    In 2010, they unveiled "Paint," an installation allowing phones to paint on the city. Commissioned by Nokia, it has recently been nominated Interactive artwork of the year by the Design Museum. Other artworks were also created for the Kopernicus centre in Warsaw and the Centralworld centre in Bangkok. In 2012 greyworld launched "Trafalgar Sun," a giant installation for Trafalgar Square, London.

    Andrew is a regular contributor to television, radio and print, and lectures extensively around the world. Most recently he presented a show on BBC Radio 4 about public art.

    After lecturing at the Royal College of Art for four years, he became Professor of Public Art at Goldsmiths University.

  • Andy Stanford-Clark

    Andy Stanford-Clark

    Chief Technology Officer, Smarter Energy IBM

    Andy Stanford-Clark is the Chief Technologist for Smarter Energy in IBM's consulting business in Energy and Utilities for the UK and Ireland. He is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, and "Master Inventor" with more than 40 patents. Andy is based at IBM's Hursley Park laboratories in the UK, and specialises in the Internet of Things, remote telemetry, energy monitoring and management, Smart Metering and Smart Grid technologies. He has a particular interest in home energy monitoring, home automation, demand-side management, and driving consumer behaviour change. Andy has a BSc in Computing and Mathematics, and a PhD in Computer Science. He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Newcastle, an Honorary Professor at the University of East Anglia, and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

  • Ben Barker

    Ben Barker

    Designer & Founder, Pan Studio

    Ben is a designer and founder of London based Pan Studio.

    PAN Studio create interactive installations and experimental objects designed to find new ways of enriching everyday living. Pan’s work explores the significance of experience when used as the key element in the creation of new objects, systems or services.

    Recent work has focused on the digital reclamation of public space for playful interactions. Their projects include Design of the Year shortlisted Hello Lamp Post, a city wide platform for play and Run an Empire, a territory control strategy game that you play in the space around you.

    Ben is a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths college London and spoken at the Design Museum in London, South by South West in Texas and Unbox in Delhi about experience and design as a practice.

  • Cameron Worth

    Cameron Worth

    New Business Lead, EVRYTHNG

    Cameron is the New Business Lead at Internet of Things software company EVRYTHNG. Before EVRYTHNG, Cameron was leading mobile efforts across The Engine Group and ensuring their 12 cross-discpline agencies were delivering best in class mobile engagement solutions for clients including Sky, RBS, Coca Cola, BMW, Samsung and Xbox. Prior to this, he was on the founding team of an NFC marketing platform and was responsible for executing the largest global trial of NFC technology in collaboration with JCDecaux.

  • Ed Daly

    Ed Daly

    Entrepreneur and Game creator, Seeper

    Ed Daly is an entrepreneur and recovering games creator. As Studio Head of games studios for 15 years Ed developed dozens of innovative videogames, including music driven hits like SingStar and Guitar Hero. Now Managing Director of seeper, he leads the team using technology and art for research, installations, advertising, education and live events. Immediately prior to joining seeper Ed was Managing Partner of Tenshi, an investment and consulting firm teaching clients including Cola-Cola, Technology Strategy Board, BBC, Channel4 to embrace their inner gamer. At seeper Ed’s mission is to take the respected London collective to global superstardom.

  • Ghislaine Boddington

    Ghislaine Boddington

    Creative Director, body>data>space

    Ghislaine Boddington is a global pioneer, thought leader, guest lecturer in various universities and businesswoman in the areas of creative industries focusing on full body telepresence and full body responsive technologies. Ghislaine stands at the crossroads between telepresence, motion capture, social media, wearable computing and virtual worlds. She co-creates collaborative share spaces with a first class team at her company BDS Creative space (a design unit based in Tech City, East London) who put the living body at the centre of digital interaction.

    Ghislaine is also the Co-Founder and Director of Women Shift Digital, a conference series and educational programme for women and men, designed to celebrate women in digital careers, network the networks and influence the influencers. The first conference premiered in the UK at Level39 in November 2013.

    Ghislaine has a long press and public speaking record, she chairs and keynotes regularly at events/conferences having presented in over 30 countries worldwide since the mid nineties, most recently in China, USA and East Europe. She is regularly featured on tv, radio and in the press, giving thought shifting inputs to BBC Business World, BBC Click and the New Scientist amongst others on topics ranging from body technologies, women in technology, intercultural connectivity and co-creation methodologies and was a finalist on the Drum / She Says Woman of the Year 2014 awards. She holds a Research Fellowship at Middlesex University across the last 15 years.

    Ghislaine has been working with international organisations, universities and government bodies such as: EU Culture Programme, UK Royal National Theatre, Level 39, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Nesta, ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), Arts Council England, Dance Umbrella, Kinetica, British Council, UKTI, QA, IntelligentHQ, Ztudium, Council of IOT, Creative Guild, The Stemettes and many other global cultural and creative industries organisations worldwide.

  • Jeremy Bevan

    Jeremy Bevan

    Vice President Marketing EMEAR, Cisco

    Jeremy Bevan is Vice President of Cisco’s Marketing organization in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR), a region covering 121 countries. Bevan and his team are focused on driving marketing programs that differentiate Cisco in the marketplace, as well as driving sales and profitable growth for its partners.

    Prior to joining Cisco, Bevan was Vice President of Marketing for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region at TANDBERG which was acquired by Cisco in April 2010.

    With 25 years’ information technology industry experience, Bevan has held a number of senior roles within Novell, Cambridge Technology Partners and Hewlett Packard, where he held management, marketing, programme management, software development and consulting roles, giving a breadth and depth of operational and customer facing experience within the IT industry.

    Bevan has a Bachelor of Science honours degree, majoring Physics, from Southampton University.

  • Jim Le Fevre

    Jim Le Fevre

    BAFTA and British Animation Award winning film-maker

    Jim Le Fevre is a BAFTA and British Animation Award winning filmmaker, who has directed numerous commercials and idents for well-known brands including Sky, Nickleodeon, and Rowntrees as well as animated comedy sketches for cult TV series ‘Monkey Dust.’ On the flip side to his commercial work he also experiments with techniques and writes and directs short format comedy work as well as online experimentation with some other things that are harder to describe.

    He is the one of the discoverers of the Phonotrope, a contemporary reworking of the Zoetrope using a record player and a modern camera.

    Recent projects include Nexus Stage with Nexus Interactive Arts, a digital installation which combines mobile interaction, animation, motors and a 3D-printed set and the title sequence for the BBC drama ‘Holy Flying Circus, which made by building a 2 meter tall Monty Python-styled Phonotrope.

  • Kate Russell

    Kate Russell

    Tech Reporter, BBC Click Online & Author

    Kate Russell is a journalist, reporter and author who has been writing about technology and the Internet since 1995. Best known for weekly appearances on BBC technology programme Click, she is a frequent face on TV, radio and in magazines as a technology expert. She is author of two books, including a science fiction novel that was funded 400% of its goal on Kickstarter. In addition, Kate speaks regularly at technology events and conferences and in schools and universities, inspiring the next generation of technologists. She is also very involved in UK and global policy meetings to help shape the way the internet is governed.

  • Lauren Bowker

    Lauren Bowker

    Material Alchemist, T H E U N S E E N

    T H E U N S E E N
    Is an exploration house that blends biological and chemical matter into materials; focused on seeing the unseen by combining science with art, design and performance.

    Aptly based in the Vaults below Somerset House; T H E U N S E E N consists of varied talent, from anatomists, engineers, chemists and cutters all with one synced vision ‐ that knowledge creates Magick.

    Lead by Material Alchemist Lauren Bowker T H E U N S E E N is a House and setting that is well informed, well educated, inventive and sensitive to both Technology and Design.

    We offer luxury that enhances the unseen.

  • Lee Bofkin

    Lee Bofkin

    CEO & Co-Founder, GlobalStreetArt.com

    Lee Bofkin is the CEO and co-founder of GlobalStreetArt.com, an artist-led platform with more than 80,000 photos uploaded by thousands of artists and over 150,000 social media fans. Through their Walls Project, GSA have organised over 500 legal street art murals in London since 2012. Global Street Art also works internationally with brands to produce hand-painted murals and associated digital content. Lee is a former UK breakdancer and has a PhD in maths and evolution.

  • Liri Andersson

    Liri Andersson

    Founder, This fluid world

    Although Liri’s career can most succinctly be described as one very expensive plane ticket, she very much has her feet on the ground. Her energy, 360° experience and her ability to decipher an increasingly complex business environment has seen Liri travelling around the world developing winning business and marketing strategies for global brands such as Nestlé, General Mills, Bacardi, IKEA, Bwin, Cisco, Levi’s, Yahoo!, Ogilvy, and MediaCom.

    Described as a renaissance business person Liri founded this fluid world, a boutique business and marketing consultancy, that enables global organisations to be commercially advantaged by understanding, navigating and exploring a continuously changing business and marketing environment. Since then, this fluid world has gained an impressive track record, and has the good fortune of being the trusted advisor, at a senior level, of many global brands (for full client list please go to thisfluidworld.com).

    In addition to her experience, Liri holds an MBA specialising in Strategy and Management, and a BA in International Marketing. Ske is also a guest lecturer, among other academic insinuations, at INSEAD’S prestigious executive business programme.

  • m.c schraefel

    m.c schraefel

    Performance Imaginist at the University of Southampton

    m.c.schraefel, PhD, c.eng, cscs,f.bcs: Professor of Computer Science and Human Performance. Leads the Human Performance Design Lab, holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Creativity Innovation and Discovery R&D.

  • Navid Gornall

    Navid Gornall

    Creative technologist, Ogilvy - OneUnilever

    Known as the guy who keeps setting his desk on fire, Navid applies a hardware hacker mentality to advertising briefs.

    Recently, he worked on the Hellmann’s Summer Hacks campaign where he created, amongst other things, a BBQ powered by music and a hacked 3D printer that prints mayonnaise faces on burgers.

  • Phil Reeves

    Phil Reeves

    Principle Consultant, Econolyst

    Phil, is principle consultant @ Econolyst, a boutique consulting and research firm specialising in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing space. Phil has spent the last 20-years developing and applying 3D printing tech across the supply chain, from brands and retailers to product manufactures and raw material suppliers. Phil's company work globally to support clients including IBM, Philips, FedEx, Boots, Unilever, P&G, Adobe, AutoDesk, HP and many more. Phil's team provide rich market intelligence to organisations across the 3D printing Eco-systems, from governments and institutions investors, to Fortune 500's, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Our goal is simple, we want to get 3D printing into the supply chain, the value chain, the high street and the home.

  • Ralph Rivera

    Ralph Rivera

    Director, BBC Future Media

    Reporting directly to the BBC's Director-General Tony Hall, Ralph is responsible for the development of the BBC's interactive services BBC Online and BBC Red Button.

    Catering to audiences who want to access and interact with BBC programmes and services through the internet, the Future Media division brings technology and design teams together to work in partnership with the BBC's editorial teams to create products such as BBC News Online and BBC iPlayer.

    The BBC's portfolio of websites reached 19 million licence-fee payers in February this year, making it the most popular UK-owned website on the internet while BBC Red Button continues to make interactive TV services simple and accessible, used by 14 million licence-fee payers a week, many of whom are not online.

    The Future Media division works in partnership with the wider technology industry to repurpose these services for use on mobiles, gaming consoles and internet-connected TVs; in addition to the website, innovations such as BBC iPlayer can now be accessed on more than 50 different internet-connected devices.

    The division also includes the BBC's world-renowned R&D department, whose collaborative pan-industry work over the past 60 years has delivered innovations that have transformed the broadcast industry – such as colour TV, Ceefax, Nicam Stereo and Freeview HD.

    An executive with extensive experience in global digital media, Ralph was appointed as BBC's Director of Digital Media in November 2010 before being promoted to Director of Future Media in March 2011.

    Ralph joined the BBC from Major League Gaming in New York, where he was responsible for product development for the largest professional video game league in the world. Prior to that, he ran AOL's Games and Latino businesses, oversaw the expansion of AOL's international web presence and launched the social gaming platform games.com.

    Before his time at AOL, Rivera worked for publishing company Pearson Education, Simon & Schuster, Deloitte & Touche, IBM and earned an undergraduate degree from Columbia College and an M.B.A. from New York University.

    He is married, with one daughter, and lives in London.

  • Tom Metcalfe

    Tom Metcalfe

    Producer, REACT Objects Sandbox

    Tom is a producer and a design consultant specialising in object and experience design.

    His work focuses on the quality of the experiences that objects, content or services can afford. His background is in industry, academia and the intersections of the two, having recently worked in senior positions at rAndom International and the Product Research Studio in Dundee. He is currently the producer of REACT Objects Sandbox in Bristol, exploring the human-experiences in the Internet of Things.

    He's a co-founder of Fieldguide, an occasional collective and sometimes journal for people interested in design, technology and society. He's also involved in the UK-wide, 'Being There: Humans and Robots in Public Spaces' project. His work has been commissioned and exhibited worldwide at design and technology festivals and within institutions like the Victoria and Albert Museum, Selfridges, and Wellcome Trust. Tom has also delivered workshops and talks internationally at O'Reilly Solid, SXSW, Sotheby’s and NID India.