A Free Platform for Building Gear on the Internet of Things

The trouble with the Internet of Things is that the things don’t really talk to each other.

It’s nice if you car tires let you know when they’re low via a web dashboard. But it’s even nicer if they can tell an air compressor exactly how much air they need and whose bank account to bill for it.

That’s the kind of digital utopia sought by the creators of Zetta, a new open source project that provides common tools for building internet-connected devices that can talk to each other, including everything from home automation contraptions to flying drones. Driven by a company called Apigee, the project made its official debut this week, find out more here.

A Map of Every Device in the World That’s Connected to the Internet

Where is the internet? This map might explain it better than any statistics could ever hope to: The red hot spots show where the most devices that can access the internet are located. See the map here

Lunch and Learn – Seeper

Interactive experiences that make you go WOW! Watch their Present Me to find out more.

Lunch and Learn – Clothes Network

A cloud-based customer engagement platform, which is purpose-built for fashion retailers. Find out more

Lunch and Learn – Inition

A production company with a difference, specialising in the development of immersive experiences and cutting-edge projects. More info here.

Lunch and Learn – Bare Conductive

Bare Conductive makes electronics fun and intuitive by blending design and technology. Find out more here

Lunch and Learn – Kudan

Kudan provides next-generation augmented reality (AR) solutions – immersive experiences and mobile apps tailored for individual brands, products and campaigns. Read more 

Fish playing Pokemon?

Has technology gone too far? Developers enable their fish to play Pokemon game, watch the brilliant live feed here.

CycleAT – Smart Tire Pressure Monitor System

CycleAT – Smart Tire Pressure Monitor System

Watch the video here.


NINJA SPHERE: Next Generation Control of Your Environment.

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